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"A place where people come to seek the highest is called Holy Ground"



The Testimonial Cathedral Church of God in Christ was founded and organized by Bishop J. B. Hackworth over 50 years ago and has diligently served God and the community.


The various segments of the Testimonial Cathedral Church of God in Christ are: The Testimonial Community Love Center, which is Crisis Housing for Homeless Individuals and also, women with children. Which provides food, clothes, and meals to the community as well as assist those in need of other resources for successful living.



I am Dr. Angela Hackworth-Wilson also known as Pastor Angie. Welcome to the Official Site of  Testimonial Cathedral Church of God in Christ. We are excited that you took the time to browse through our site for information. Our founder, Bishop J. Bernard Hackworth has committed this ministry to making relevant its message and witness for the past 53 years. We celebrate our glorious past while embracing a new future and change for Testimonial Cathedral.


As Bishop passed the mantle to me, his vision is extended: From zero months to the elderly, our ministry is helping whole families achieve greater success through the Word of God, Spiritual Growth, and Educational Empowerment with employment opportunities, sheltering the homeless and taking care of our elderly. Our endeavor is to raise up men and women with blessed lives and powerful testimonies.


I am honored to serve God’s people and we are looking forward to your visit here at Testimonial. Always remember that God loves you and we do too. Stay Blessed. 

Pastor, Dr. Angela Hackworth – Wilson



For over 20 years The Testimonial Community Love Center has been a beacon of light and hope in the greater south Los Angeles community. We strive to assist the homeless crisis in our city with providing emergency shelter for single adult men and women. As well as, working alongside the department of mental health assisting women with children.


We offer food, clothing, three meals a day, job resources, and case management services. In addition, we distribute food and clothing to the community every Thursday. Testimonial Community Love Center will continue to spread love and do our part to help end homelessness.

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